Forget Price Cuts! Charge A Premium For Your Products And Services.

Branding and Differentiation

Branding and differentiation provides a distinct unique advantage to your marketing strategy. Your marketing and branding strategy has to be more focused, precise, as opposed to wasting time, energy and resources attempting to reach a vast undefined audience.

You must align your strategy with your tactics and create specific and targeted marketing campaigns to get your message out to your chosen market. Being totally focused on your marketing and branding strategy results in the return on your investment becoming significantly greater, it increases profit.

There are 2 ways for your business to compete in the market place; you can either compete “by price” or by differentiation.


The by price option only leads one way FAILURE….. Ask any company owner who picked this route.


Differentiation allows you to establish a unique brand and create a niche market, thereby attracting people who resonate with your style, your values, and your product. You will then be able to charge a premium rate for your services: Conversely, competing on price results only in price wars where no-one wins, except the customers.
The key is to differentiate your business so much that you are the only ‘go-to’ provider offering that service. You need to be the “obvious experts”.

You must offer an unmatched mix of products, services and value to that of your competitors because, without this, you will become a ‘me-too’ provider rather than a ‘go-to’provider.

Typically, business owners don’t like to differentiate themselves too much in fear of losing potential business – big mistake!
To be successful and sustainable, you must have the confidence to stay focused on your strategy in order to deepen your position rather than extend it. (You cannot be all things to all people. Again if you have difficulty with this, just talk to failed business owners who picked this route. As the old hunters’ saying, “if you chase all of the rabbits you’ll catch none”.)


There are many things that can differentiate a business, but nothing is more important than creating your unique brand. -You must establish your brand, and then protect its integrity.


A brand is more than just your business name or your logo or your tag line. It’s what people think, feel and say about your business. It’s what you stand for. It’s your promise to your customer. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Perception is so important. It’s what your customers’ experience, before, during, and after sale. Think of McDonalds or Apple, what do these brand names say?


What do you want your customer to think and feel at the mention of your brand?
Your brand should consistently and repeatedly convey to your prospective customers why they should buy from you, and continue to buy from you as loyal customers.


Establishing your brand is crucial to helping you stand out from your competition; it brings your competitive advantage and value proposition to life. The best time to create your brand and brand strategy is at start-up as part of your marketing strategy; however, that is also when it is most overlooked. The second best time is as soon as possible!



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