Driving Your Team and Change

Drive Change Using an 8 Week Project Team Cycle

One of the biggest challenges that project managers face is keeping their team motivated during a long project. That’s why many business coaches from Perth will recommend to you this 8 week cycle to take you from the drawing board to the board room for a presentation. Business growth and profit depend on having motivated employees, and an 8 week time frame is much more reasonable when it comes to keeping everyone on point and working with a sense of urgency. So how do you plan your 8 weeks of preparation? Here’s a rough example that you can base your cycle on if you need a place to start.



Week 1 can be used to get the project off the ground with a brief that includes the project description, objectives, and KPI’s. Be sure everyone knows who needs to approve various portions of the project. It may seem counterproductive to spend a whole week just gearing up to start, but under defining the project will result in it taking much longer.

Your next few weeks basically consist of working with data analysis. Where is the business currently at, and why does the company need this particular project? Where do you expect to bring things to by the time the project is completed? This will help you to develop a task list which can later be assigned to key personnel. You need to gather all of the necessary data on the project and then go over it with a fine tooth comb.

During weeks 5 and 6 you can begin to come up with a game plan for tackling the problem and start to troubleshooting the best possible solutions. From there you can take the last two weeks to put together the presentation and practice it until you know it forwards and backwards. After 8 weeks of work, you definitely want to sell what your team has put together, otherwise it has been just one long (and expensive) team building exercise. Power Point presentations are great at this stage of a project. Be prepared to keep it under 30 minutes and to field a lot of questions at the end. Make sure it is clear how your project will help boost business performance.

Taking a project from brief to boardroom in just 8 weeks keeps everything moving along at a fast enough pace to keep everyone engaged in the project without setting impossible demands. It’s a great way to drive business change quickly.



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