Need more clients?


First, you’ll need to know who your ideal client is!

Ideal Client:“The particular segment of the population that, either by demographic, psychographic or situation,is most likely to both purchase and benefit from a relationship with you and your product or service.”


How will you know your ideal client?


  1. Your share similar values
  2. You can really make a difference with them
  3. You love working with each other
  4. They will stay with you long term
  5. They are high paying clients
  6. They will forgive your mistakes
  7. They will become raving fans


So how do you attract more clients?


More Clients

When you have determined your marketing strategy, your ideal client, your brand and your USP, attracting more clients is easy, your clients will come looking for you.  When you are clear on your own strategy, your marketing messages will be unique and consistent and will relate to your ideal client, they will come looking for you.


Promotion for more clients


When you have segmented the market, know your ideal client, differentiated yourself in the market and have a clear marketing message, there are a number of forms of marketing and advertising which you can use to create brand awareness and attract more clients. Methods to consider include:


  • mass media advertising: e.g. radio, tv, newspaper, directories, shop windows
  • public relations – e.g. press releases, launches
  • sales based – e.g. vouchers, coupons, competitions, loyalty programs
  • direct marketing – e.g. trade shows, sales letters, email
  • telemarketing – cold calling
  • digital marketing – e.g. websites, social media, blogging, video, e-commerce
  • joint ventures – creating partnerships


Each of the above have their own strategy but the promotion or tactics come last – you must have your strategy in place first or your marketing will be hit and miss.  When you have decided on which promotions you’ll use, they can easily be systemised and measured to get more clients.


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