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Producing Effective Marketing Plans

We have worked together and have defined your competitive advantage, developed your marketing strategy, differentiated yourself and established your brand. Now we need to look at attracting more clients or customers. Your ideal client will come looking for you when you have positioned yourself so well that you are the only ‘go to’ person for your services and promotion of your brand becomes easy.



So how do you reach your potential clients or customers? There are many promotional methods to consider and market research will assist you to identify the specific needs of your target market, but again, the methods that you use must be in line with your target market, be appropriate to your goals and work to your strengths. You need an effective marketing plan.


For example, if you need to fill your sales pipeline you may consider activities such as direct marketing or networking in your marketing plan. For business growth you may consider joint ventures, partnerships or loyalty programs. Or, if you would like to work on visibility or credibility you may consider advertising, social media or PR. Your marketing plan should reflect your goals and should be transferred to your marketing calendar.


Each of these promotional activities has its own strategy but the promotion comes last – you must have your strategy in place first or your marketing plan and activities will be hit and miss.


Hit and miss advertising is the least effective form of customer attraction known it man. Yet you see it all around you. Many adverts are produced and placed in desperation with no thought to their effectiveness other the “we desperately need customers”, this is a road to disaster. You need a clear marketing plan and to produce this you need the help and advice of an expert.


At Business Reboot we can help and advise you to work through which promotional activities will work best for you and your goals, these can then be measured, refined and automated so that you spend less time marketing and more time working directly with your customers and producing profits.



To get expert help with your business strategy and to differentiate your business in the modern marketplace so that you’re both attractive and sustainable, contact us and I will personally contact you within 24 hours to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to take advantage of our free, no risk, no obligation initial consultation.