Online Business Training

Why wait for a face-to-face training course to run when you need to learn new skills now! Utilise our wide range of eight online business training courses to fix any burning issues in your business and take advantage of the following benefits:

Online Business Training

  • Depth of learning – Take your time to learn new skills, watch high quality videos and use innovative business tools
  • Instant learning - Learn new skills instantly by starting a course now rather than waiting for a scheduled course to run face-to-face
  • Your own plan – Focus the entire course around fixing your key issues and walking away with your own plan of action
  • 24/7 access for 8 weeks - Access the course 24 / 7 at a time / place that suits you for up to 8 weeks
  • Implementation – Implement your new found skills as you move through the course

Couple this fast-tracked learning of new skills with the experienced support provided by our advisors to ensure you implement your new strategies.

Online Business Training Courses available when you sign up for Coaching

Online Business Training – Business Improvement Process

Business Improvement Process is used to develop business strategy for an organisation. You will develop a list of issues and using your sustainable competitive advantage as a filter identify the key issues. Action plans are developed and implementation is via a one page business plan.

Online Business Training – Personal Improvement Process

Develop skills and knowledge that can be applied in your personal and business life. The Mindshop Tools are practical, logical and easy to apply. You will develop and implement a one page personal improvement plan for yourself or your organisation.

Online Business Training – Marketing and Sales Process

This program covers both marketing issues such as segmentation, growth and product strategy and sales issues such as customer needs, consumer decision making and buyer behaviour. Action plans are developed and implementation is via a one page marketing and sales plan.

Online Business Training – Consulting Facilitation Process

The ability to present and sell your skills and knowledge is an important part of a Consultant’s success. Learn to structure and organise your presentation using powerful techniques for getting your audience involved. Dispel the fear associated with public speaking and become a Dynamic Presenter.

Online Business Training – Continuous Improvement Process

The Continuous Improvement Process assists you to develop a quality plan using tools such as Mindmapping, Pareto and Force Field. Other tools include Control Charts, the Seven Wastes and Histograms. Action plans are developed and implementation is via a one page continuous improvement plan.

Online Business Training – Leadership Development Process

The Leadership Development Process is used to train, coach and develop leaders. This program unlocks leadership and management development potential by raising awareness of important issues and by creating an environment for strategic reflection and tools to take strategies into action.

Online Business Training – Team Development Process

The Team Development Process trains team leaders and team members in the Mindshop tools and processes. Skills such as problem solving, conflict resolution, team structure, team styles and project team revitalisation are used and practiced.

Online Business Training – Self Confidence

This course will step you through numerous tools to help you better understand yourself, improve your self-confidence and limit your self-sabotage. You will immediately see the course’s benefit when you use your newly acquired knowledge of the Self-confidence tools to strive for that next opportunity or implement your next internal strategic issue.

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