Lorraine has been my Business Coach for over 6 months and in that time I have seen my business progress much further than what I had envisioned in that time period. Lorraine gave me the confidence and ideas to kick start my first networking and motivational event for Fusion Life. Without her encouragement and belief, I might still be planning that first event. Her advice when it came to my business model, income streams and marketing methods was invaluable. I would definitely recommend Lorraine as a Business Coach to anyone who feels stuck in their business. Thanks again for all your support and I will definitely keep in touch.

—Ashley Piotto – Fusion Life Perth – August 13

We engaged Lorraine Garvie of Business Reboot to help and guide us through our marketing planning and rebranding. Lorraine took us though the process of building our vision for the business, developing the Business Model, guided us in pricing our services, performed a competitor analysis, and a SWOT analysis on marketing activities by our organization, and helped us craft our Sustainable Competitive Advantage, and Value Proposition, and marketing blueprint. We now have a new brand, knowledge of where we are at and where we are headed, and a plan of how to get there. Lorianne is truly the trusted marketing professional. We value her knowledge and experience in Marketing and business development, and have no hesitation in recommending Business Reboot to any business needing help with Marketing

—Colin Howarth, 32South Financial Management Specialists – June 13

Working with Lorraine was a very good experience. She helped me on a number of different aspects that launched my business into a better direction. I enjoyed how each fortnight we went through different parts of my business and worked through tasks to help improve them. I really felt that I was getting great service as she was always available, even between sessions to talk me through anything I didn’t understand. This gave me reassurance as I didn’t feel like I was in it alone and had someone there who really cared about the success of my company. Before working with Lorraine I felt like I had a pretty good understanding of how to market and place myself in the industry but after speaking with her I realised that there was a lot I didn’t know and therefore wasn’t doing. She was also fantastic at keeping me motivated and on track which is essential when you do everything from admin to sales in your business. I would often get side tracked and other tasks would take over my marketing so having Lorraine there to keep me accountable and focused really boosted my success. I would and have recommended Lorraine’s services to any business owner. Whether you have an established company or are just starting out she will have something to teach you that’s for sure.

—Ashleigh Holman, Shop n Friends – Feb 2013

“Lorraine is the bright spark that's lit the kindling I've been gathering the past few years. I now have clear direction as to what is next in starting a new business and career, someone looking over my shoulder to make sure "next" happens very soon, and someone to to help me find the right words to describe what I'm doing. I'd been muddling about wondering how to make it happen, and Lorraine's coaching was just what I needed.”

—Marra Rapgar, Human Behaviour Specialist – Jan 2013

After spending thousands of dollars with an advertising agency (Try $20,000) and then another $6000 with a marketing consultant I was no further advanced.  I can’t speak highly enough of Lorraine.

—Alan Cox – Interactive Video Marketing, Dec 2012

“I can’t speak highly enough of Lorraine. Lorraine has given me renewed focus, confidence, and enthusiasm for my business.  Working with Lorraine is the best decisions I have made in 39 years of owning and operating my own business. Lorraine is going to be a vital member of my team for years to come. The strategies and the tools she has provided, both short-term and long-term, have enabled me to have renewed hope for the future of my business. Of course, this renewed hope has generated renewed energy. This energy has resulted from knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it.  For me, a good business coach needs to provide more than just tools for marketing and business. They need to provide the tools in such a way as to make it easy for people immersed working in their business to work on their business. "

—Alan Cox, Interactive Video Marketing – July 2012

“Coaching with Lorraine enabled us to build a solid marketing strategy and achieve a 300% improvement in opportunity generation.” - Illuminance Solutions - July 2012

—Illuminance Solutions – July 2012

During coaching I learned how to analyse my business which allowed me to grow and strengthen my business. We developed a new business plan, developed new marketing messages, updated the business image and branding and established effective marketing channels. Coaching with Lorraine enabled us to build a solid marketing strategy and achieve a 300% improvement in opportunity generation. The best things I found about Lorraine was that she always provided strong guidance and diagnostic skills to help our business growth and I absolute have no hesitation to recommend Business Reboot to any business seeking real results. Lorraine is always on time and responsive to our support requests. I level of coaching that I received from Business Reboot went beyond my expectations. I received excellent value from Lorraine’s expert advice.

—Vincent – Illuminance Solutions – July 2012

“Lorraine is an asset to my business, that I never knew I needed, but now cant be without. I would and have recommended her to people I know.”

—Moondust Design – March 2012

Lorraine is very talented, and knows just how to get down to the real day to day problems of your business, as well as being able to help with planning for the future. I have found Lorraine to be hard working and trust worthy, weather you need some advise or a kick up the backside to get you where you want to be. Lorraine is an asset to my business, that I never knew I needed, but now cant be without. I would and have recommended her to people I know.

—Monique of Moondust Design – March 2012

Having worked with Lorraine the past year, I was able to put in place a number of strategies to grow my business.”

—Jennifer Treloar – February 2012

I had an immediate rapport with Lorraine from the minute I met her and she made me feel at ease, supported and listened to.  Lorraine very quickly honed in on possible solutions to get me back on track and by the third session I had made a complete turnaround and was focused on what I needed to do to overcome the challenges I was facing, particularly in the work place plus I felt ‘lighter’, happier and that I had gotten my ‘power’ back. Accordingly, I wholeheartedly recommend Lorraine as a Coach and as someone who is a skilled listener and practitioner.

—Sandra – November 2011

Lorraine Garvie is an excellent business coach. Having worked with Lorraine the past year, I was able to put in place a number of strategies to grow my business. Her compassion, understanding, motivation, encouragement and support were outstanding. Strategies and solutions outside the square provided me with confidence to put into place workable marketing and business planning options for my new business.  Lorraine willingly shares her skills and knowledge in an honest and sincere manner showing a heartfelt desire to see her clients succeed at what they do best.

—Jennifer Treloar – February 2012

  “Lorraine uses her years of experience and knowledge to help make my business goals come true. Her positive and uplifting personality, as well as the efficient tools and techniques she brings in the process are very valuable. If you have set business goals for yourself, Lorraine is the person to help make them come real.” March 29, 2012   LinkedIn Recommendation - http://www.linkedin.com/in/massimopapa Massimo hired you as a business coath in 2011 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

—Massimo Papa of MaxPapa Web Marketing – March 2011

It is hard for me to put my gratitude into words and Thank you doesn’t really cut it.  I recently had the pleasure to work with Lorraine and it was an extraordinary experience. Her professionalism and expertise helped me to gain clarity on, in which direction I want to take my business next.  Not only did Lorraine help me to define mission statement and goals, she also assisted me in taking the steps to reach the next level. Taking action became a lot easier with Lorraine at my side who was readily available for advise and her suggestions sparked my creativity, leading to incredible results. One of the many things I appreciate about working with Lorraine is that she doesn’t let you get away with ‘excuses’. With her gentle but assertive nature she makes you see where changes need to be made to achieve the desired outcome. I enjoyed working with Lorraine tremendously and can highly recommend working with her. Thank you Lorraine for all your support and guidance, working with you made a great impact in my life!

—Silke- August 2011

I accomplished more in one hour with Lorraine that I did in 3 months on my own.

—S – July 2011

The time spent with Lorraine was inspirational, thought provoking and constructive. One is then able to take the next step in designing your destiny. Thank you Lorraine for allowing me to explore and find that fire in the belly again.

—John – 2011

Lorraine has a warm, intelligent and extremely humorous approach to her work! She really helped me to see who I was and what my life was all about. I now feel more empowered, excited about my direction, clearer about who I am and what I am capable of. Lorraine, you are an angel in disguise. Thank-you so much for helping me see my potential!

—Rachel – March 2011

During the coaching program I realised I had some negative beliefs about wealth that had a huge impact on my behaviours around investing, saving and planning.  Lorraine helped me to challenge those beliefs, to set SMARTIES goals and to be accountable for them.    

—Eileen – November 2010

My major barriers to reaching goals were my lack of focus, lack of action and a self-defeating attitude. During the coaching program I examined my purpose, clarified my goals, was encouraged to take relevant actions and eventually became more motivated to do so.  

—Laura – August 2010

The coaching sessions where very helpful to a person in my situation, they made me think who I really am and how a person who has been through the times I had in the recent past get myself back out there, in ways that helped build my self esteem and bring me back to the straight facts of life and set my head thinking in the right direction to move forward. As for yourself as a coach, you can do that standing on your head – you have some of the life experiences that I have had and others take for granted and that gives you the right to tell others that you can come from the bottom and work your way to the top. As for telling others about you and your skills for future training for other people, I would recommend yourself.

—Michael C Brammall – February 2010

Lorraine has an absolute knack for getting to the real issues and has an amazing ability to communicate on the same level as anyone in front of her. Thank you so much Lorraine.

—Ann – January 2010